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Names and NPCS: Critical Character Content

I feel like I’m continuously getting ahead of myself while always seeming to trail behind when I write about this campaign. There was so much going on, so many plots and fun little moments, that it all feels like it should come tumbling out at once. Obviously, this isn’t possible. However, there are a few things I can do that will help you make sense of the larger picture of the campaign, and perhaps better understand what particular branch of the story I’m plucking at in the future. One such aid is to inform you of the many characters involved in this campaign and the basic idea that most players had of them at their initial introduction. I will do my best to keep the suspense of finding out who our other player characters may be intact, so that you may come to know them through the stories that I will eventually get to telling about them. Continue reading →


The Saga of the Cake Wizard

One of the things to remember about my campaign is that the player characters operated almost entirely autonomously. Everyone had their own agendas and stories, and there were only a few select times over the course of the campaign when everyone met in the same place at the same time for the purposes of working together towards a common end. Though there were many side interactions between characters, some (if not most) of them ended up spending 90% of the campaign having practically never met. Thus, many of the stories that I will tell of this campaign are only going to involve one or two of the PCs. This particular one will primarily involve Fortinbras, with a brief appearance by Zaav near the end, so despite the fact that this storyline took place over the course of many sessions, over which time we gained several new players who were acting out their own stories simultaneously, this series of events is perfectly relatable at this point. Continue reading →

Focusing on the Bandits

In my previous post, I made it seem like the first thing that our characters did was go out of their way to get Zaav’s older brother killed, but this in fact came about between the second and third sessions of the game. The first session and the beginnings of the next both set up some of the other mechanics of the game beyond the dueling that would follow.

Players generally played through their days seperately. They had a morning phase, an afternoon phase, and an evening phase, and could interact with one-another if they sent notes via their Runners to meet at various times. From the very beginning, Nick’s character Fortinbras was heavily invested in his family. Unlike Zaav, he was already technically the head of his household, being the eldest son of his dead father. Continue reading →

Of Nobility, Banditry, and Romance

I ran a game this past November-December, easily the best I have ever run or participated in. For one thing, it ended. A rare treat. We had an epilogue and everything!

It began when a friend of mine, Nick, had put the finishing touches on some firearms rules that he wanted to try out in a D&D 3.5 setting. I had just come off of reading Tolstoy’s War & Peace, so I had the intrigues of Napoleonic Russian nobility dancing around my head. I proposed that we run a game of high class nobles, where every character would be from a different noble house. As honor and duels were sure to come into play along with all the power struggles involved in the noble houses, I set it essentially in the same time period as I had just recently read through. Continue reading →