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Disco Nuit: Creepy Wormy Monsters in the Sky

This post is one of a series in the ongoing Juniper Campaign posts. If you’re new to the blog, you may want to consider starting from the beginning, or reading the summary to get caught up on events up to this point.

While Shannon and Felix were wasting time inside the club, John, who managed to get kicked out of the club before ever getting in, has been monitoring the club’s exit from across the street, looking for people who he can see with his eyes but not with his camera. He’s still doing that when Shannon and Felix finally emerge.

Since bothering the bouncers and schmoozing with the club-goers isn’t working so far, it’s time to adopt a new strategy. The group has no idea when, or even whether, the killer will emerge from the club with another potential victim, but no one is willing to take the chance that he (or she, or it) won’t. Since the fact that the killer doesn’t appear on camera is still the group’s best lead, Shannon and Felix follow John’s example, stationing themselves at various positions around the club in order to monitor the exit.

It takes a couple hours of waiting, but eventually they spot what they’re looking for. Two men, each with his arm around a woman, exit the club. Shannon recognizes one of them as the man who invited her out for drinks earlier. All four seem to be having a very good time. The women are both visible on the groups’ cell phone cameras. The two men, however, are not.

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Disco Nuit: Odd Fashion Trap

This post is one of a series in the ongoing Juniper Campaign posts. If you’re new to the blog, you may want to consider starting from the beginning, or reading the summary to get caught up on events up to this point.

Having retrieved the bag that one of the women was carrying when she died, the group reconvenes at Felix’s apartment to go through it. It contains two capes with brightly coloured, shiny interiors; a frilly silk shirt; a black corset; and a gold-plated¬†iron cross. This certainly isn’t the clubbing attire they were wearing in the video, and Shannon’s never seen them wearing anything like it, but it does look like it would fit them. The labels on the two capes sport an elaborately stylized N, which no one in the party recognizes.

What little research the group has time for turns up a laundry list of things that their invisible critters could be, but no real leads; they have no idea whether half of the creatures they’re researching are even real. It’s getting late now, though, and the group is hoping to be back at the club by the time it opens, so they decide to leave their so-far-fruitless research for another time.

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Disco Nuit: Open With Prejudice

This post is one of a series in the ongoing Juniper Campaign posts. If you’re new to the blog, you may want to consider starting from the beginning, or reading the summary to get caught up on events up to this point.

Having made it their mission to track down the creature or creatures who murdered Shannon’s coworkers, the party has just discovered that the murderers, whatever they are, aren’t visible on the security tapes provided to them by Disco Nuit.

Unfortunately, “invisible on camera” doesn’t narrow the field much when playing “guess the supernatural boogeyman.” We spend a few more minutes discussing the possibilities, but the reality is that it could be almost anything. Practically speaking, we’re still more-or-less at square one: we have no idea who–or what–Bella and Louisa left the club with, why they were attacked, or how to find their attackers. Finding someone who remembers seeing them leave last night would be a bit like looking for a needle in a field of haystacks, but at the moment it still seems to be our best option.

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Disco Nuit: Smile, You’re on Camera

This campaign takes place in a setting that is more-or-less present day, in a world that more-or-less resembles our own, in the city of Juniper, Massachusetts (which is more or less like Boston). Like any big city, it has its share of murders. At least, they might’ve been murders; the police haven’t said much about the two young women found dead in an alleyway last night, barely a block away from the nightclub known as Disco Nuit, but they apparently have reason to suspect homicide. They’re asking anyone with information about the women’s movements last night to come forward.

The players don’t have any such information, but they’ve taken it upon themselves to acquire it (as player characters do). Shannon is particularly determined, since the two dead women, Bella and Louisa, were her co-workers. Her dance studio has been closed temporarily while everyone deals with the loss.

Not knowing where else to start, Shannon, Felix, and John head to Disco Nuit.¬† It’s early enough that many of the staff who were working last night are only just finishing their shifts. Despite the hour, a set of large double doors is wide open, and the group heads inside.

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Introducing Campaign Summaries

So we already have the Campaign Guide page, with bite-sized descriptions of what each campaign is all about. We have, of course, the blog posts describing the games themselves. What, you might be wondering, is this category for?

It’s basically the middle ground. The Campaign Guide is meant to provide a feel for the essence of each campaign, while the campaign summary posts will deal with the specific events of each campaign’s plot, in a much-shortened form. Want to jump into reading about a current campaign, but don’t have the time or the inclination to read a whole slew of detailed posts? Need a refresher? You’re the person we’re writing these for.

These summaries are also broken up into story arcs, at least insofar as any campaign has discernible arcs, and include an index of posts so that if you’re looking for a specific event, you can easily find it. And yes, the Campaign Summary posts will be updated along with or shortly after new posts for their corresponding campaigns. Obviously, these summaries will not be spoiler-free, so if you’re a person for whom spoilers matter, you may want to give the posts in this category a miss.

These summaries will focus on long-running campaigns with a large backlog of material–one-shot campaigns or campaigns that petered out early on won’t be included here. So far, available campaign summaries include the Juniper Campaign.

Misfits, Murders, Secrets III: “Go Fish Out the Monster”

If you’re a newcomer to the blog, you might want to check out the first two posts in this little mini-series, located here and here.

Finally, the party arrives at the slave pens and the latrine in question. It’s … well … a latrine, which is to say, an inglorious hole in the ground that smells about as good as one might expect, surrounded by a floor that is none too clean (it appears that not all of the slaves bother to aim). After expressing the requisite amounts of disgust (Yrisi launches herself into the air, while Raven scoops up Fling and places the goblin on his shoulder) the party gets down to the business of investigating.

Not that there’s much to investigate; the only possible way into or out of this room, aside from the door that the party entered by, is the latrines themselves. And so, because every adventure has to start somewhere, the party peers into the toilet.

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