Within these halls you shall be amused and amazed by the wonderful stories of D&D and general roleplaying experiences had at the tabletops of real people!

Thrill to adventure, intrigue, and ridiculous jackassery done by players and characters alike!

The Slightly Longer Version:

We’re two writers with a shared interest in tabletop RPGs who typically don’t play in the same campaigns, and so swapping D&D stories (or whatever the game du jour happens to be) has always been a part of our conversation. Of course, since we both know a number of people with an interest in tabletop gaming, we found that we were often repeating the same stories two or three times. Eventually we decided that we could save ourselves some time by putting those stories where everyone could read them, so we did.

D&D, World of Darkness, homebrew games, superhero campaigns: if we’ve played it, we’ll probably blog it. Sometimes the campaigns last, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes we take ourselves seriously, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes our quests end in heroic feats and glorious triumphs … and sometimes they really, really don’t.

A Quick Note on Content:

For the most part, our posts won’t include content warnings. Assume that any given post may contain a certain amount of violence and NSFW language, as tabletop RPGs tend to do by nature (at least, the NSFW language happens when we play them). That said, we will attempt to provide trigger warnings for posts that are particularly bloody, or that we feel contain particularly upsetting content.


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