Campaign Guide

Between the two of us, we’ve played more than a few campaigns, and we blog or plan to blog about quite a few of them. This page is  for those who are looking for something specific or are just wondering what all these different games are about. Once you’ve found a campaign that you think is to your liking, you can find all the posts in that campaign by using the appropriate category tags. (You can do the same thing if you’re interested in reading about games played using a particular system.)

Note: These are brief descriptions only, not plot summaries. If you’re looking for detailed summaries of each campaign, check out the Campaign Summaries category.

Bi-Weekly Ball Z

The scheming, antics and romance of a group of noblemen and women. Also: fabulous balls.

For Lack of a Campaign Title

Medieval D&D, a city inside a volcano, language problems, and an idiot raven.
Full Description

Section 9

Set in the early 1950’s, the shadowy government agency S.P.L.I.C.E. recruits a group of rookie superhumans to fight for truth, justice…but mostly just the American Way.

The Gift to Celestine Redux

One of the more recent retellings of thewanderingmage’s classic fetch quest extraordinaire – the stories you read here are, rather than descriptions of events during play sessions, behind-the-scenes interludes involving the NPCs, their motivations and dramas.

The Juniper Campaign

Juniper is a U.S. city on the brink of a supernatural gang war.
Full Description   |   Campaign Summary


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