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Campaign Summary: The Juniper Campaign

This is the campaign summary for the Juniper Campaign. It is NOT a detailed description of any of the game sessions (for that, check out the other Juniper Campaign posts) but rather a quick-and-dirty summary of the most important events and plot developments that occur in each post. Use this summary to refresh your memory or, if you started reading somewhere other than the beginning of the campaign, to catch up on the events of previous posts without having to read all of the posts themselves–we’re thrilled if you want to read them all, of course, but as you can see there’s a lot of material here!

Obviously, these summaries will not be spoiler-free, so if you’re a person for whom spoilers matter, you probably shouldn’t look behind the cut.

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Introducing Campaign Summaries

So we already have the Campaign Guide page, with bite-sized descriptions of what each campaign is all about. We have, of course, the blog posts describing the games themselves. What, you might be wondering, is this category for?

It’s basically the middle ground. The Campaign Guide is meant to provide a feel for the essence of each campaign, while the campaign summary posts will deal with the specific events of each campaign’s plot, in a much-shortened form. Want to jump into reading about a current campaign, but don’t have the time or the inclination to read a whole slew of detailed posts? Need a refresher? You’re the person we’re writing these for.

These summaries are also broken up into story arcs, at least insofar as any campaign has discernible arcs, and include an index of posts so that if you’re looking for a specific event, you can easily find it. And yes, the Campaign Summary posts will be updated along with or shortly after new posts for their corresponding campaigns. Obviously, these summaries will not be spoiler-free, so if you’re a person for whom spoilers matter, you may want to give the posts in this category a miss.

These summaries will focus on long-running campaigns with a large backlog of material–one-shot campaigns or campaigns that petered out early on won’t be included here. So far, available campaign summaries include the Juniper Campaign.