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An Alliance of Targaryen and Stark, Pt I

I think it may finally be time to introduce our second to last player character, our last family house, and one of the most heavily involved plot lines of the entire game.

The Starks returned from their travels in the Dwarven lands a session or two after the Targaryens had come from their trip to the elves. With them came Jesselyn, played by our second female player Ariane, along with her sister Dania, her lordly brother Antonio, and the Dowager Vanessa.

Jesselyn was a wizard, and while her booklearning could bend reality to her will, it unfortunately did little enough to affect her social situation positively. For the first few days of her time back in her home district, there was little enough for her to do, besides converse with her siblings. We met Antonio, the brash, handsome, aloof lord of the Stark estate, who seemed to be only antagonized by his sister, who I believe stole his new dwarven throwing dagger on their first meeting, and hid it. (Much to everyone’s amusement) We also met Dania, and soon collectively raised our eyebrows at her manic mannerisms, and utter devotion to Peter, of house Heldecki. There was something…odd about her. But no-one had quite put their finger on it yet. Continue reading →


A Tale of Al’Craz Romance

I know that there are some folk eagerly anticipating their addition to the storyline of both the Section 9 and Bi-Weekly Ball Z plots, and some who I’m sure would like me to finish up the rip-roaring fisticuffs about to occur in The Bullpen (and perhaps also make some of the dialogue not-lame!). All I have to say to these is hold yer horses. There is so much to be done and so little time on my hands! (Well okay, maybe I’m exaggerating exactly how timeless I am, but seriously, June has been a jerk!) I am, however, impetuous and brash at times, not to mention hella stubborn, so, as it has been too long since I touched the Bi-Weekly Ball Z stuff, I thought it might be about time to do so once again! That said, thought is not likely much involved, as I’m starting this at about 1 am.

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