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Of Nobility, Banditry and Romance II

Henry was dead. Dead as a doornail. He, like Charles Dickens (who is standing just at my shoulder, I’m sure, tut-tutting) was soon spinning in his grave while the characters in turn tried to puzzle out what exactly had happened.

Sure Zaav wanted his brother dead, but he wanted it done, if not honorably, then at least in a public manner that would cast the least suspicion on himself. He had nothing to do with the tampering of the trigger mechanism in the gun. Now, it seemed that someone else was actually after his head…and if he was after Henry’s head, who’s to say that he wasn’t after Zaav’s? Continue reading →


Of Nobility, Banditry, and Romance

I ran a game this past November-December, easily the best I have ever run or participated in. For one thing, it ended. A rare treat. We had an epilogue and everything!

It began when a friend of mine, Nick, had put the finishing touches on some firearms rules that he wanted to try out in a D&D 3.5 setting. I had just come off of reading Tolstoy’s War & Peace, so I had the intrigues of Napoleonic Russian nobility dancing around my head. I proposed that we run a game of high class nobles, where every character would be from a different noble house. As honor and duels were sure to come into play along with all the power struggles involved in the noble houses, I set it essentially in the same time period as I had just recently read through. Continue reading →