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The Ticker Tape Terror: Part II

Shamus pulled up to the demolished storefront. He grunted some surprise at the sight of the mess. “Haven’t seen a hole put in a wall like that in months, lad! Funny, how quick you get used to a normal life.”

Agent Slate looked gloomily at the cracked and shattered brick, littering the sidewalk and street alongside the thousands of shards of glass that had once been a rather nice storefront window. “This is always how it starts Shamus. A little hint that the clear skies you’ve been walking under might be a bit more turbulent that you thought. Just about enough time for a smart man to grab his umbrella before the shitstorm hits.”

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The Ticker Tape Terror: Part I

Section 9 eventually assembled in Central City, their membership dividing into two groups: Day Crew, consisting of Agent Slate, The Tempest and Max Powers – the public face of Section 9 – and Night Crew, consisting of the Ghost Diver, Midnight Man, and Shade – the nightly crime-fighting muscle.

Over the next month, Agent Slate set up the offices of what would become Central Headquarters, while Tempest put in some face time at her new job at W-Tec Industries. Max Power…well, all right, he just went boozing and womanizing when he wasn’t on call to beat criminals into submission, living the expense account lifestyle that he had signed up for.

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