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Focusing on the Bandits II

When last we left Heinrick, the poor sod had fallen victim to a severe case of getting slapped in the face by reality. Angry and ashamed, he soon had another quality that began consuming him: revenge.

The exact chronology of those first few sessions of this campaign is difficult to pinpoint…I feel like we only had two sessions before the Targaryens joined the fold, but I’m fairly sure the events I am about to detail occurred either just before or just after Henry’s death, and included the brief appearance of another player during what I feel was a separate, if brief, session. Either way, I feel more comfortable detailing the events now and letting the when slide. Continue reading →


Focusing on the Bandits

In my previous post, I made it seem like the first thing that our characters did was go out of their way to get Zaav’s older brother killed, but this in fact came about between the second and third sessions of the game. The first session and the beginnings of the next both set up some of the other mechanics of the game beyond the dueling that would follow.

Players generally played through their days seperately. They had a morning phase, an afternoon phase, and an evening phase, and could interact with one-another if they sent notes via their Runners to meet at various times. From the very beginning, Nick’s character Fortinbras was heavily invested in his family. Unlike Zaav, he was already technically the head of his household, being the eldest son of his dead father. Continue reading →