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The Saga of the Cake Wizard

One of the things to remember about my campaign is that the player characters operated almost entirely autonomously. Everyone had their own agendas and stories, and there were only a few select times over the course of the campaign when everyone met in the same place at the same time for the purposes of working together towards a common end. Though there were many side interactions between characters, some (if not most) of them ended up spending 90% of the campaign having practically never met. Thus, many of the stories that I will tell of this campaign are only going to involve one or two of the PCs. This particular one will primarily involve Fortinbras, with a brief appearance by Zaav near the end, so despite the fact that this storyline took place over the course of many sessions, over which time we gained several new players who were acting out their own stories simultaneously, this series of events is perfectly relatable at this point. Continue reading →